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Scholarships for Eritrea. Master Eritrean Students

Scholarships Eritrea  Scholarships Eritrea for study the Bachelor's Degree, Master and Doctorate in International Business:

Eritrea Master - EENI Scholarships Africa.

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Inter-African Business
  2. Eritrea Master in International Business (MIB) e-learning
  3. Doctorate in Business in Africa

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The Scholarships for Eritrean students and living in Eritrea consists of a reduction up to 40% of total tuition and fees.

Eritrean students and living in Eritrea Ertra (Asmara, Akurdet, Nakfa, Keren, Massawa, Tio, Assab, Kulul... دولة إرتريا Dawlat Iritriya) can apply for the EENI Scholarships.

Hispano-African University of International Business
Hispano-African University of International Business (U-EENI University Vision)

Financial aids offered for Eritrean students
EENI- The Global Business School can provide financial aids, instalments or discounts cash payments for Eritrean students applying for the EENI Scholarships.

The granting of the Scholarships (Eritrea Hagere Ertra دولة إرتريا Dawlat Iritriya) will be analysed after receiving the Admission Letter

Languages: Arabic, English, Tigrinya.

Borders: Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

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