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Scholarships for Grenada Master in International Business

Scholarships Grenada Scholarships Grenada for study the Bachelor's Degree, Master and Doctorate in International Business:

Grenada Master - America Scholarships.

Doctorate (DIB) and Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, Global Marketing and Internationalization) for Grenadian Students

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The Scholarships for Grenadian students and living in Grenada consists of a reduction up to 35% of total tuition and fees

Grenadian students and living in Grenada (Saint Georges, Gouyave, Grenville, Sauteurs, Hillsborough, Ronde Island) can apply for the EENI & HA University Scholarship

Financial aids offered for Grenadian students

The EENI (Business School) and the Hispano-African University of International Business can provide financial aids, instalments, or discounts cash payments for Grenadian students applying for the EENI & HA University Scholarships

The granting of the Scholarships (Grenada) will be analysed after receiving the Admission Letter

Grenada International Student

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