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Online Masters and Doctorates in Syria Syria - Masters and Doctorates in International Business (Online)

Syria Masters and Doctorates in International Business (e-learning Online) taught by EENI Global Business School for the Syrian students:

Online Arab Student, Doctorates and Masters Online Higher Education in the Middle East.

  1. Syria - Master of Science in International Business
  2. Masters: International Business, Foreign Trade and Marketing, Transport & Logistics, Muslim Countries, Export Back Office
  3. Doctorates: World Trade, Islamic Countries, Global Logistics
Online Higher Education programs adapted to the Syrian students and living in Syria.

Adaptation of the Online Master (MIB) / Doctorate (DIB) in International Business to Syria:

Arab League
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Islamic Development Bank
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
European Union: European Neighbourhood Policy, Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
International North-South Transport Corridor (India-Russia)

Syrian students and living in Syria (Damascus, Aleppo) can enrol online at EENI Global Business School from home.

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Financial aids offered for the Syrian Students.
EENI can provide financial aids, instalments, or discounts cash payments for the Syrian students applying to EENI.

Middle East - Online Master of Science
برنامج الماجستير في التجارة الخارجية و إدارة الأعمال الدولية.

 التجارية في الصين
 التسويق الدولي

ماجسـتير تنفيذي في التجارة الخارجية ،التسويق

Online Middle East Students (Master, Doctorate)

Borders of Syria: Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey

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